About RCS

RCS was established in 1995 as the IT Division of The BPX Group of Companies. BPX itself was established in 1965 on the principles of efficient, friendly and reliable service and these core values continue to run throughout the group to this day.

Every customer has a dedicated account manager to cater for all their needs and a dedicated support engineer to deal with any technical issues as and when they arise. Our services and products are used by a wide variety of customers, from small start ups to multinational concerns employing 1000's of people, from tree surgeons to NHS Hospitals. With over 15 years of trading in all these sectors, we offer a vast breadth of IT knowledge, experience and ability.

" In a world of impersonal on line trading, price comparison sites and disinterested call centre staff, RCS offer a refreshing return to the solid virtues of service and reliability. "